Month: May 2017

  • Smashing Security #023: Covfefe

    Hackers are blackmailing cosmetic surgery patients, and threatening to release their naked photos. A British Airways IT snafu causes travel chaos for thousands. Read full news article on Graham Cluley  

  • California Senate Passes Surveillance Transparency Bill

    A bill to shine light on law enforcement surveillance technology has passed out of the California State Senate. Now the battle begins in the California Assembly.  S.B. Read full news article on Electronic Frontier Foundation  

  • Hacking and Linux Go Together Like 2 Keys in a Key Pair

    Ever since taking an interest Linux, with the specific aim of better understanding and enhancing my personal digital security, I have been fascinated by hacker conferences. As soon as I learned of their existence, I made a point of keeping tabs on the major conferences so I could browse through the latest videos in their…

  • Palo Alto Networks delivers strong Q3 results

    Security company Palo Alto Networks delivered a strong fiscal third quarter that handily topped expectations. The company reported a net loss of $60.9 million, or 67 cents a share, on revenue of $431.8 million, up 25 percent from a year ago. Read full news article on ZDNet  

  • Most Wanted Linkedin Hacker gets Extradition from Czech Court

    Most Wanted Linkedin Hacker gets Extradition from Czech Court, the court didn’t define to which country it is. AleksandrovichNikulin was captured while on vacation in Prague in October 2016, in view of a global warrant issued by the US. Read full news article on GBHackers  

  • Those New Inspections Of Electronics At U.S. Airports? They Aren’t New.

    Remember way back last week when the internet went ballistic over enhanced inspections of electronics at U.S. airports? Read full news article on  

  • Startup Spotlight: Microsoft cybersecurity vets launch Seklarity to help companies understand hacking risk

    Seklarity’s Adam Larson, Devdatta Waghdhare, and Joe Donahue. (Seklarity Photo) During the years Joe Donahue spent running Microsoft’s cybersecurity threat detection team, he observed a recurring problem. Read full news article on GeekWire  

  • Cybersecurity pros want to buy Shadow Brokers’ hacked exploits

    It might take about $25,000 to stop the next WannaCry attack from happening. Considering that the global ransomware’s cost was estimated to reach $4 billion, that price sounds like a bargain and well worth a crowdfunding effort underway by a group of cybersecurity researchers. Read full news article on CNET  

  • A Nation State-Looking Cyberattack that Wasn’t

    Cybercriminals—like other criminals—have a penchant for going after low-hanging fruit. Few bother using sophisticated tools or exploits to break into systems if easier options are available. Read full news article on dark READING  

  • How To Plan For Security Incident Response

    From threats like the recent WannaCry ransomware attack to the Google Docs phishing scam, there are a number of ways a security incident can unfold at your organization. Having a tested incident response plan in your back pocket can make the difference between a swift recovery or a high stress situation where every minute the…

  • New AWS Certification Specialty Exams & Benefits

    We are making two important updates to the AWS Certification program today. Read full news article on DABCC  

  • Nest’s New Security Cam Keeps a Sharp Eye on Your Smart Home

    There’s no possible way Google is using the data it collects. None. Read full news article on Webmonkey