Four Trends in Eastern European Cybercrime

Russia takes a lot of blame for cybercrime. It’s an easy target these days, given the accusations of alleged Russian government hacking aimed at influencing last year’s U.S. presidential election. There are reasons why Russian hackers have ascended: They’re smart, well-educated and often turn to the underground for a lack of better economic opportunities.

It’s also an ever-evolving scene. At the AusCERT security conference in Gold Coast, Australia, on Friday, Tim Bobak, international business director for Moscow-based Group-IB, walked through trends that cybersecurity company is seeing.

Group-IB does a lot of incident response work and reverse engineering of malware, giving insight into what’s going on in the Eastern Europe region, says Bobak, a fluent Russian speaker who splits his time between Russia and the U.K. Some trends defy conventional wisdom.

Here are four Eastern European cybercrime trends that defy conventional wisdom as described by Bobak at the conference.

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