Deep Science AI monitors security feeds for masks and guns to quicken response times

You’re working late at the 7-Eleven when a masked man comes through the door with a gun. You raise your hands, follow his instructions, empty the cash register and throw some burners in the bag. As he runs out the door, you note his height, collect yourself and call 9-1-1. Unless you don’t need to because the mask immediately tipped off your store’s AI, and the police are already on their way with a description. That’s what Startup Battlefield company Deep Science AI hopes to enable.

There are security cameras everywhere, founders Sean Huver and Sam Tkach thought, and deep learning models are getting really good at spotting individual objects in footage — for example, masks and guns. So why not put the two together?

“People find it surprising how prevalent this problem is in high-crime areas,” CEO Sean Huver told TechCrunch. “There are 200 robberies like this a day on average, so around 75,000 per year.”

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